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Group Blasts Obama Administration Meetings with Atheist Lobbyists

February 5, 2009

Christian News wire reports :

Group Blasts Obama Administration Meetings with Atheist Lobbyists – Launches $1 Million Campaign Against President’s Efforts to Curtail Religious Freedom

Here are a few comments from Bishop Nedd – the chairman of God We Trust


“I doubt that any newly elected President has ever sat down with lobbyists for the American atheist movement to plot legislative strategy. Clearly the administration is planning to push the radical left’s vision of a completely secular United States down the throats of ordinary Americans.”

Just because other president’s haven’t sat down with atheists doesn’t mean this President won’t. And what’s wrong with a secular vision again?


“…The Obama administration is faking right in order to attempt to placate religious voters while running hard left and plotting strategy with the atheist Secular Coalition for America


If lobbying against faith-based funding and speaking against sending our tax-dollars to religious institutions is considered plotting, that’s great news  !! We atheists/agnostics are in full support of such “plotting”.

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