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Hindu Ethos Can Never Be Undermined

February 5, 2009

The deluded and fanatical Hindu religious right is hard at work these days, trying to protect the bronze age values and culture of  ‘ The Great Hindu Civilation’.  I am not sure how Newsblaze works and if any Tommy two-cents can write an article there, but after reading such moronic  articles I am certain that if they do have editors they are too busy in other non-work related pastimes. To get an idea of the extent of poor writing just read this sentence

“….One can see improvements in infrastructure, Engineers/Medicos/Gujaratis making it big outside India…”

Did this moron just say “Gujaratis” ? Does being a domicile of an Indian state or speaking a particular language qualify as a profession ? And, what may I ask, is so special about being a Gujarati that their “bigness” is being trumpeted ? I sincerely hope the author is not implying to the large girths of emigrant Gujaratis, is he(she)? Because that would not be so flattering after all !!

Here’s another

“…Sanatana Dharma comprising of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Animists and other indigenous sects..”

 Sanatana Dharma never comprised of these other sects nor have these religions ever offered to be counted in the fold of Sanatana Dharma. It was only for purposes of certain legislation, like the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, that the Govt. of India clump these indic religions together.

The article As Christianity Rules a Secular America, Hinduism Rules a Secular India is bereft of any originality and  parades the usual Hindutvaline, rehashing old arguments over and over again. Here is the bulleted summary (italics are mine)

  • Indian has seen massive development in all fields in the last few years (except in overcoming blind superstition and age old beliefs) 
  • India is still ‘ruled’ by a famous family (wonder who is to blame for that ?). Indian English media is evil (yada yada yada). 
  • English media is politically motivated and is run by socialists or the congress ( Thanks. I would have never been able to figure it out myself)  
  • English media is too morally corrupt, too liberal, pseudo-secular and worst of all – anti-hindu ( In a country where majority of people live in rural areas, don’t have much knowledge of English or doesn’t have access to cable news channels, I am sure the English media is the one which influences political  and moral opinion)
  • India was founded on principles of Sanatana Dharma just as US was founded on judeo/christian principles and Saudi Arabia is run along the Sharia Law ( That’s just idiotic. US was founded on secular values and so was India. Whether India in practice can be called a secular country is a different matter altogether and is open to debate. Saudi Arabia is a theocracy and does not have a democratically elected government. Btw I did not understand why the author believes that India should discard it’s secular principles just because other countries do not believe in it.)
  • Law enforcement and judiciary is in shambles ( I am sure it was perfect when the Hindutva brigade was in power)
  • More chest-thumping and tall claims of  “Hindu ethos can never be undermined” (What Hindu ethos are we talking about ? Does Hindu ethos instruct against secularism? What “bedrock of culture and civilization” does caste system, sati, polygamy, and child marriage constitute. Is it something to be proud of that even after thousands of years no political power has been able to eradicate caste conflicts, superstitions, blind beliefs, foolish rituals, illiteracy and poverty? Is that the ‘Hindu ethos’ the author feels so proud of ? )


Such moronic articles trumpeting the greatness of Hindu civilization seem to be getting more frequent and louder these days.  It’s unfortunate that we have allowed people like these to get away with intolerance, hatred and communalism. Hindu nationalists in their fervor to counter Islamic fundamentalism seem to be behaving more and more like the very people they are trying to undermine.

For people who claim that religion is the panacea to all our problems and the basis of all our morality, this should be a clear example that religion is no less a cause of hate and conflict. And, unless the cancer of organized religion is extirpated from this world, religion will continue to rear it’s ugly head and bring misery and pain to countless lives all over the world. So let us not allow religion this freedom. Let us not allow it to get away with hatred and bigotry. Let us put religion in the docks and promise not to exonerate it without critical enquiry or without demanding answers of it. Only then can we wish to subvert religious hatred and expose the stupidity that is organized religion.

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  1. February 9, 2009 1:11 pm

    Oh and everyone who criticizes Indian poverty etc etc is part of that IG bad conspiracy to undermine the great Hindu nation too!!!!

    • nitwitnastik permalink*
      February 9, 2009 1:47 pm


      Thats right. Since we cannot solve the poverty problem lets try our best to hide it.

      Did you know India WAS the richest country in the world? Oh yes, that right. If only the Muslims and Christians didn’t steal from us we would still be the richest group of princely states on Earth !!!

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