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Need A Husband? Sacrifice a Rhino

February 18, 2009

In ‘DUH’ news of the day, Times of India reports one woman’s desperate attempt to find a husband.

When or doesn’t work, what do you do ?

Step 1.  Find a witch doctor who claims he/she can solve ANY problem with divine help.

Step 2.  Confess your problem and make yourself look more desparate.

Step 3.  Agree to pay money for a ritualistic sacrifice of a goat or hen.

Step 4.  Realize that small animals are not good enough. So agree to sacrifice a buffalo for quick results (20 days). Pay money.

Step 5. Wait for 20 days. No result? Visit witch doctor again.

Step 6.  Become convinced by the witch doctor that an even bigger animal (viz. a Rhino) needs to be sacrificed for faster results (1 week).

Step 7. Pay witch doctor a large sum of money (Rs 300,000 – for crude comparison an Ipod Nano 4gb costs Rs 7,000) to sacrifice a Rhino. Also pay witch doctors phone bill.

Step 8. Wait for 7 days. No result? Visit witch doctor again.

Any guesses for what happens next ?

Btw did someone say she is a computer engineer and a manager in a software company? !!..Hmmmm



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  1. February 18, 2009 8:36 pm


    I hope there is something more to the story…

    btw did someone say she is a computer engineer and a manager in a software company?

    I find it really hard to accept that she actually believed the rhino part being normal otherwise. Sacrifice a rhino? Even the witch doctor would be surprised that she bought the idea.

    She’s might be an actual mental patient in need of psychiatric help ..buckling under the enormous social taboo of being a 36 yr old spinster.

    • nitwitnastik permalink*
      February 18, 2009 9:19 pm

      @ HA
      I hope so too…initially I felt empathy for her ..she being such a desperate 30yr old spinster and all…but then I thought about it…there are many 30+yr old spinsters who wouldn’t be so desperate to take this path (Ok maybe her circumstances were different)..but when I thought about sacrificing a Rhino part I was…” no thats taking it a little too far ..”

      And yes..people often think that scientific education breeds rational thinking..this incident just proves how wrong such an idea is..

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