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Mumbai Attacks and the Morons of Numerology

December 7, 2008

When times are tough people seem to grasp at straws and in uncertain times like these, numerology seems to be the latest straw. From recession-worried businessmen to votebank-worried politicians, numerologists seem to be in high demand these days. These people somehow seem to think that personal and global events can be influenced by changing the value of a number, a date or by adding or deleting an alphabet to change the numerological value of a word. However often the claims are ludicrous by any stretch of the imagination and nonchalantly contradictory. I am amazed to learn how many people believe in such moronic claims and pay top money to actually receive recommendations from these charlatans.

Here and here are two such contradictory claims on Numerology which appeared in the Times Of India during the same week. One claimed the value obtained by adding a set of numbers, in this case the number 8, symbolized peace and prosperity and the other claimed it to symbolize destruction.

My comments on one of these articles are in black

Mumbai bogged down by unlucky number 18

MUMBAI: The emotional outburst against terrorists (who came in boats) and politicians (who’ll come for votes) is being circulated as text messages and e-mails. One interesting outcome of this is that many citizens want their city to be renamed back to ‘Bombay’ as they feel that it was much better and luckier than the present name, Mumbai. And there’s also the luck factor.

Celebrated numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani also prefers the name ‘Bombay’. ” N u m e r i c a l ly speaking, the original name of the city adds up to the number 17, which symbolises peace and prosperity. On the other hand, Mumbai adds up to the number 18, which has negative shades and symbolises materialism striving to destroy spirituality,’’ Jumaani said.

Now why stop at 17 ? why not go one step further and add those two numbers as well. This will give us the number 8, which according to numerologists “brings in destruction”. Never mind that the Chinese consider this number lucky for equally idiotic reasons.

Now how do these numerologists arrive at the number 17 and 18 for a word? It’s by attributing arbitrary values to the letters of the alphabet and attributing imaginary virtues to them. Some celebrated (read demented and delusional) astrologers like Cheiro publicized these values based on chaldean numerology, which is now followed by his equally demented followers all over the world. But what about languages, you ask. The same word is spelled differently in different languages. So how can we ascertain the value of a word when it is written in a different language? And, why should we use English as the gold standard. Also most Indian languages use much larger set of alphabets than English and many Indian words cannot be spelled correctly in English as there is no equivalent English alphabet for it (e.g. In Hindi the pronouns like “Tum” or “tu” cannot be written in English correctly because English alphabet does not have the equivalent character) So does it mean we don’t have a numerological value for those alphabets and hence the words. Local Numerologists I am sure will then come up with values for those alphabets as well. But don’t make the mistake of asking them the basis of those numbers to the alphabets, because they willl come up with equally long winded but moronic answers to them also.

According to Jumaani, 17 (Bombay) was a highly spiritual number, and can be expressed symbolically by the eightpointed Star of Venus: a symbol of “Peace and Love’’. He added that Mumbai’s 18 was a warning of treachery, deception by others, as well as danger from the elements, like storms, water, fire and explosions.

WOW!!! now…look at the hocus pocus Jumaani engages in to fool the public. It’s just playing with words and hoping that the public doesn’t catch the trick. It’s nothing but verbal legerdemain. So how can the number 17 be expressed “symbolically” with an eight pointed star? No one knows. And notice how Stars and numbers are linked seamlessly as if that is a given. I hope Mr. Jumani did pass high school maths.

And how did he come up with the attributes to these numbers, like treachery and deception ? Actually, yesterday, while I was sleeping a white bearded man, who claimed to be God ,came and told me the secret recipe and asked me to share it with the human race. Here’s the secret recipe:

First take a few numbers in a bowl. Chant a few made-up incantations (swear words work equally well. Don’t worry, the people are to dumb to catch onto it). Shake the bowl vigorously. Then stare at them till your eyes hurt. Chant a few more mantras. Try to “feel” the “vibration” of each number and then using the “powers of intuition” write down all the words you “feel” about this number in the next 10 seconds. And Voila !! There you have it. A designer number with attributes right out of the catwalks of paris

But not everyone agrees with Jumaani’s number play. P C Agrawal, an astrophysics researcher from the TataInstitute of Fundamental Research, said: “There is no scientific logic behind certain names and numbers being lucky or unlucky. But I do not like names being arbitrarily changed, like Madras to Chennai, Calcutta to Kolkata.’’

Ah ! Finally someone sane and bright.

Ardent followers of astrology and numerology, however, argue that not everything can be explained through pure science. An infotech professional from SEEPZ in Andheri (East) Umesh Chhajed, remarked: “Anything and everything that can prevent the recurrence of terror should be done, including changing the name back to Bombay if it is good for the city.’’

This is perhaps the biggest misconception and the most illogical reason given by believers – Oh ! science cannot explain everything, so this must be true.

This type of Logic follows the pattern:

If A is claimed.
B is a method used to show that claims C, D, E are false but not A
so A must be true

This assumes that method B is absolute and has the means to prove or disprove everything. If we cannot disprove something using B it must be true. I can claim that superman exists and I am sure science won’t be able to prove he doesn’t. So should we now start believing in superman also ?

Science has never made a claim to have the powers to explain everything and scientists will always be the first to admit that it is an ever evolving field, where new methods, principles and theory is always welcomed, as long as they are based on correct observations, assumptions, inference and conclusion. Can astrology or numerology pass all four of these criteria?

Chhajed has sent an online petition to the prime minister asking him to “cripple terrorism at its source; including the terror camps within India and neighbouring countries’’. To give more credence to his theory, Jumaani said that places like Srinagar, Kashmir, Gujarat and Sri Lanka all added up to the number 18.

Each and every place on earth had some sort of bad history associated with it, including USA, France, England, Germany etc etc. And what about Darfur, vietnam, hiroshima and nagasaki ? Does that mean all these names also have the number 18 associated with it. I wonder how brain-dead do you have to be to believe in this utter stupidity.

“I suggested that Kashmir should be spelled as Kashmier, and the Indian army is already using this spelling on their website,’’ he said. Social activist Shaina N C, who organised a citizens’ movement at Marine Drive on Tuesday, felt that “whether it’s Mumbai or Bombay, the bottomline is that people have had enough and want strong assertive action from the state’’.

LOL. That’s a first. Kashmir to kashmier!!!!! So changing a name would change the situation?  And, whom does changing a name favor? The Indians or the terrorists. How is Mr. Jumaani so sure it will help the Indian army and not the terrorists. Is the Indian army sure Mr Jumaani is not a L-e-T spy trying to sabotage our efforts in kashmir?

Jumaani said: “Even if you re-spell the city as ‘Mumbaii’ or call it ‘Mumbaidevi’, it will reflect positively. But Mumbai is just not happening as per my calculations.’’

Sir, Thank you for your calculations. It’s a miracle of nature that an insane person like you is still roaming scot-free , talking trash and polluting our brains. And, it is surely the kindess of the people of India that they haven’t put you behind bars for chicanery or fraud. But, I hope that they catch your quackery soon and relegate you to the heaps of trash that rust away in junk yards. That will be the day of true awakening.

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18 Comments leave one →
  1. womanofsubstance permalink
    December 8, 2008 5:38 am

    Nice article. You should forward it for more people to read it.

    • nitwitnastik permalink*
      December 11, 2008 8:35 am

      Thanks for the suggestion. I already thought about it but now I will surely do.

  2. December 8, 2008 7:29 pm

    I just loose my patience during debates when people resort to …’Well your science cannot explain everything’. They just don’t want to concede the point.

    Most people have no idea what science is. I hate to tell them that there is no ‘your science’ or ‘my science’. There is just science. Then they resort to blaming west, europeans, islam, …you name it.

    • nitwitnastik permalink*
      December 11, 2008 8:48 am

      Yes, I totally agree. They think that science is the be-all and end-all of everything and the funny thing is that they are so emotionally attached to their positions that they never critically review them. Then they resort to ad hominem attacks and name calling which are the surest signs that the person has run out of logical arguments to defend his/her position.

  3. I believe in myself permalink
    December 20, 2008 4:01 am

    Well written!! I enjoyed reading this segment…to add to this I want to share the following–

    The word “Numerology” is coined from the Latin ‘numerus’ and the Greek ‘logos’ which taken together mean: the study of number.

    It is a metaphysical science but the origin of Numerology is cloaked in mystery. Pythagoras is considered as the Father of modern numerology. Some numerologists recognize Babylon as the earliest period of recorded history of numerology and that the Chaldean system of numerology was born under the influence of the Hebrews.

    Vedic Numerology was initiated in the East by Vararuchi, who discovered interrelationship between numbers and letters of alphabets and the basis of all predictions is that ‘the nine numbers correspond to nine planets in Astrology’.
    Alphabets are essentially phonemes representing unique sounds. Numerology when applied to the Devanagri script, writing system used for Sanskrit, the entire process of creation starts from seed syllables called Beejakshara (Beeja meaning seed + Akshara meaning alphabet). Traditionally, there are fifty alphabets (actually few more) in the Sanskrit language. The first letter is A (a) and the last letter is kSha (xa). In the simplest ‘Sapta Graha Akshara’ system, the seven planets from the Sun to Saturn lord over these alphabets. However, in other systems of Vedic Numerology we find Rahu sharing some of the alphabets (Asta-Graha-Akshara) that are ruled by the Moon while in others Ketu is also included (Nava-graha-akshara). Thus, in the first basis, the alphabets are divided into seven groups ruled by the seven planets of the weekday from Sun to Saturn.

    According to the Indian Numerology we are governed by three numbers namely: Psychic number, Destiny number and Name number. There are even websites which provides online calculators for calculating these numbers and thus helping us to predict our future based on those numbers. But what I wonder is, how can Numerologists like Jumaani et al. can predict the future of a city or of a country by only its name!! I believe that fate of a country or of a city is governed and determined by its residents so if at all Numerology could predict the future of a city then the number governing the fate of the city should be number obtained by adding up the concerned numbers of all the residents of that particular city…i.e. for this particular case of Mumbai city Jumaani should have taken into account the total population which is approximately 13,000,000, instead of arguing to change the name from Mumbai back to Bombay. In 1996 the city was named as Mumbai…so I wonder how Jumaani could justify the Bombay blasts of 12th March 1993…Mr. Jumaani if really the name matters the word Bombay could be split into ‘Bomb’ + ‘ay’ then it means “Bomb always”!!! So would we be safe then?? To fight Terrorism it’s our responsibility to be alert and to contribute in our own little way possible…fighting with alphabets and numbers is sheer wastage of time.

    Numerology is simply a mental game like crossword puzzles. It lacks credible and accurate information regarding its underlying philosophy. A sense of insecurity leads us to believe in numerology and astrology. It is often used by business tycoons, entrepreneurs and other rich and famous people to increase their levels of success and happiness. It’s our human nature…we always want to be assured that our future is bright and safe and these Numerologists and Astrologers encash our emotions. What about those starving children of poor nations…every day is same for them…there is no lucky or unlucky number or day…probably the day when they have their stomach even half full is a lucky day for them, be it the 17th day or the 18th day of the month.

    It is not wise to make life decisions based on Numerology or Astrology. We should always keep an open mind.

  4. anand permalink
    December 29, 2008 12:57 am

    I have to disagree with you.numerology is a science and is underestimated.let me give you proof

    13 may 2008-jaipur bombing
    26 july-ahmedabad bombings
    13 sept-delhi bombings
    26 nov-mumbai attacks
    13 jan 2009-?

    and tell me know that this was coincidence.Where you see coincidence i see synchronicity.

    • nitwitnastik permalink*
      December 31, 2008 7:37 pm

      @ Anand

      You probably didn’t read my post carefully. I understand you are trying to prove your point by pointing to some dates. Everyone can point to the past and claim that they are numerologically correct. But, how can we say that something is science? What are the methods used to validate numerological claims that is similar to say physics or chemistry? What law does it follow to prove the synchronicity you claim. I know that if I drop a ball anywhere on earth it will fall down 10 times out of 10. I know that opposite poles of a magnet will attract each other 10 times out of 10 if left to themselves without any other opposing force. Can we say that about numerology ?

      So here is my challenge to you or any numerologist. Lets take the best numerologists and let them predict a large sample of incidents in the future (say 10 or 20 since anyone can predict 2 or 3 events correctly). If they can predict *accurately* with *exact* dates with 80% or more accuracy events in the future, I will accept that there is some truth to it. Anyone can flip a coin and get something right half or a little better than half of the time. That is not a science but a game of chance. So in order to prove that something works all the time or is a valid truth we have to prove that something works better than a coin flip. If you really have so much belief in numerology and you see syncronicity in it then send me 10 such predictions and if your predictions are accurate 80% of the time(should have been 100% but I will allow you some leeway), I will publish it on my blog and give a public apology.

      Until you can prove that to me, I will keep claiming numerology to be pseudo-science and fit only for people who are rationally-challenged.

  5. December 31, 2008 2:11 pm

    Sorry to jump in on the conversation. But wow, I can’t believe people claim that numerology is science!! Just because people who plant bombs pick dates on 13/26 does not signify anything.


    We use Gregorian calendar for dates:

    So if we used some other calendar the “numbers” for these days would be completely different. Did you know that Pope Gregory XIII dropped 10 days (Oct 5-15, 1582) to adjust for spring dates and changed rules for leap years? Now consider that adjustment, undo it actually, and tell us what pattern emerges for real dates!!!!

    What happened on 13th may, 26th july, 13 sep, 26 nov, on every year from 1529 till today. You are just picking a few days. That does not prove anything.

  6. January 3, 2009 9:52 pm

    I did enjoy going through the observations of the writer, which were actually quite well written! Yes, I must say that I have mentioned that 8 represents Saturn, which takes trials, but while there have been so many calamities,
    before the devastating terror attack on 26/11, Mumbai faced its worst natural catastrophe during the 26/07 floods. That 26=8 of Saturn {Shani}, which doesn’t go well with 9 of Mars {Mangal} is another thing. Gujarat adds to 18, too, and again on a ‘Saturn’ ruled day {26/01}, it was rocked by a huge earthquake, taking countless lives and rendering thousands homeless. Again, on 26/07, a major blast ripped Ahemdabad, taking many lives. Godhra happened on 26/02 too!

    The Tsunami which took over 2,00,000 lives and destroyed so many other lives also was triply riddled by 8 as it happened in the Saturn ruled Capricorn period, and 26=8; 26+12+2004= 8 too!

    Mumbai faced its worst natural calamity on 26/07/2005. the compound was a 4 {26+07+2005=4}. Exactly two years later, on the 26th of July {also a Shaniwar} the bomb blasts rocked Ahemedabad taking so many innocent lives. In fact, Bhopal adds to 26, and has still not completely recovered from the Gas tragedy.

    Then on 08/10/2005, which was also a Shaniwar or Saturday, Pakistan and Srinagar lost more than 60,000 lives. The Malegaon blasts happened on 08/09 too.

    In fact Mynamar also lost around 1 lakh people in the recent Cyclone, and { I wouldn’t call it a coincidence} Mynamar adds to 18 too! It happened on a Saturday {Shaniwar, day of Shani!}.

    But while you have read about all these tragedies happening on an 8 or 26th, you should have noticed the absence of date such as 17th! Thats because 17 is a better octave of No 8. For that a deeper study is required, and space and time doesnt permit me to get into it more deeply. And for this reason the newspaper articles ommited this part where i did mention that 17 is better than 8th or 26th.

    Whereas making money is concerned, my dear father Mr Bansilal M Jumaani gave free advice for so many years, but hardly people heed to it. Then why not charge people, so they follow it more seriously. And dont we all work to make ends meet, or to put it crudely, for money?

    The fact is that despite our success rate, which is there for all to see, be it leading cricketers, to bollywood etc, we do not charge in lakhs, like many others in Vaastu do, some even charging by the minute!

    The fact that we have just increased our charges by a mere 200 Rs since past 10 years speaks of our intentions of maintaining Numerology as a profession, not a business.


    • nitwitnastik permalink*
      January 4, 2009 11:49 am

      Thank you Mr. Jumaani for your comments however let me clarify myself again. My main objection with numerology is that numerological claims are unscientific, have no logical basis and is totally arbitrary. It is an insult to human intelligence since it asserts and imposes things on us without any valid proof or rationale. Here are a few questions I have which I hope you can clarify for my readers

      1. Why is one number better than other?

      2. How does anyone know what vibration is associated with that number? If you have any unbiased experimental proof please share it with us. Intuition,dreams or someone’s words doesn’t count as credible proof in science or can it be used as a basis for anything.

      3. Is there a basis for attributing numbers to alphabets – if it is again anything other than intuition and conjecture, I would like to see it. The alphabets and consequently the names of places and persons are different in different languages, so how does one arrive at a unique numerological value? How are numbers chosen for alphabets in different languages e.g Chinese which has hundreds of alphabets.

      4. Why do planets influence our life events and how do you know that for a fact? On what rational basis do you attribute a number to a planet ?

      5. Why do you follow only the Christian calendar for numerological predictions? The Christian calendar has undergone quite a few modifications so how does numerology account for them? If the calendar is changed will that change the event?

      The reason numerology seems true or believable is because we humans are pattern seeking animals. We try to look for patterns in everything and we will force, distort and change any event, view and fact to fit those patterns. When we invest too much faith in something, we WANT it to succeed and will ignore all failures of that method and cherry-pick only those events which support our assumptions and hypotheses. Even if 1 out of 10 predictions come true, humans would be relieved to conclude – Aah ! it works !! Anyone smart knows that 1 out of 10 or even 5 out of 10 can be achieved just by a simple coin toss and has nothing to do with supernatural or “laws of nature” or can be claimed scientific. Only when someone can prove something in a statistically significant way, can it be called science.

      But I digress, so lets look closely at the list of events pointed out by Mr. Jumaani as a basis for his claims of a particular number or date being unlucky and see if there is any truth or rationality behind these claims.

      26 – 11 – 2008 : Mumbai Attacks in which 170+ people killed and 300+ people injured
      26 – 07 – 2005 : Mumbai Floods in which ~ 1000 people died
      26 – 01 – 2001 : Gujarat Earthquake which killed ~20,000 people and ~200,000 people were injured
      26 – 07 – 2008 : Ahmedabad blasts which claimed 45 lives
      26 – 02 – 2002: Godhra incidents in Gujarat in which 58 lives were lost. Most reports claim that the incident happened on the 27th of February but I will still grant Mr. Jumaani the benefit
      of doubt.
      26 – 12 – 2004: Tsunami in the indian ocean which claimed 225,000 lives
      8 – 10 – 2005 : Earthquake in Pakistan/Kashmir in which more than 75,000 people lost their lives and 100,000 were injured
      8 – 09 – 2006 : Malegaon blasts in which 37 people were killed and 125 were injured.

      Now I am assuming that since each and every example Mr. Jumani has mentioned here to prove his point were on the 8th or 26th of the month, he means the day of the month and NOT the month of the year (August which is 08), or the year (2006, 1916 etc) itself, or the arithmetic sum of any two or three of these combinations. If that is the case I can produce any number to make it look auspicious and inauspicious given the freedom to choose a combination of day, month and year. I have often seen other numerologists use such tricks to arrive at a number by adding several numbers when the initial date doesn’t match their own predictions. I hope Mr. Jummani is above such cheap tricks to prove his point. Now here is my list of dates which show that good things happened on the 8th or 26th and bad things happened on other dates as well

      11 – 07 – 2006 (Tuesday) : Mumbai train blasts which killed 200+ and injured 700+
      12 – 03 – 1993 (Friday) : Mumbai serial blasts which killed 250+ and injured 700+
      10 – 09 – 2002 (Tuesday) : Rajdhani express derails over a bridge in Bihar: 120 people killed.
      6 – 08 – 1945 (Monday) and 9 – 08 – 1945 (Thursday) : Atomic bombs dropped on
      Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan killing more than 220,000
      11 – 09 – 2001 (Tuesday) : Terrorists hit the twin towers in New York: ~ 4000 killed
      12 – 05 – 2008 (Monday) : Earthquake in China. Death toll almost 70,000
      15 – 04 – 1912 (Monday) : Sinking of the Titanic. Death Toll almost 1500

      As we can see from the above examples, that none of these events happened on the 8th, 17th, or the 26th day of the month or on a Saturday. In fact, I challenge Mr. Jumaani that I can point to at least two disasters on any given day out of the 365 days of the year for each claim he makes about disasters on the inauspicious days. I can also prove that disasters have happened with almost equal frequency on other days of the week and not just on Saturdays or “Shani”war as Mr. Jummani points out and there is no statistical significance about Saturday being the day most prone to disaters.

      The point I am trying to make here is that there is nothing about dates or numbers which are inauspicious and any date is prone to natural calamities, disasters or mass human massacres. Any given day has both good and bad events happening and can be called good or bad depending on which side you are on, or what circumstances you are in – since “good” or “bad” are subjective opinions. Another reason why most people point to the bad is because we remember bad things more than the good and it’s easier to find such events than the good ones. Lets look at a few more examples which happened on the 26th of a month which can be called good or bad depending on whom you support.

      26 – 01 – 1950 : India became a Republic (good for the Indians although bad for the
      26 – 02 – 1991 : Liberation of Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces (bad for the
      Iraqis but good for the Kuwaitis)
      26 – 03 – 1971 : Bangladesh declares it’s Independence from Pakistan (good for the
      Bangladeshis but bad for the Pakistanis)

      Would Mr. Jumaani term them as bad or are all these events doomed from the start just because they happened on the 26th of a month? Should anyone born on the 8th or 26th of a month commit suicide since he/she has no chance of any success because his/her life is doomed to begin with. To this question, the typical numerologist would answer – “Ah! You see it’s just not birthdate but a combination of birth time, location of birth and birthdate which factors in to decide what will happen in the future”.
      Oh Yes ! Right! Why stop at only these three to fudge the predictions? Why not include the color of child’s hair and eyes, the lines on the child’s face and the numerological values of the names of the child’s parents? Surely those are as scientific as trying to predict something based on birth dates and locations. Isn’t it?

      To say that the name of a country,city or the date of an event is to be blamed for a massacre/disaster is to trivialize the lives lost and take our attention away from the real issues. As for India, I think it is irresponsible at best and unpatriotic at worst to give credence to things which are not related at all and take our focus away from the enemy – the fundamentalist muslims who terrorize our country. Also if numerologists knew about these dates and were so sure of it why didn’t they warn us of these dates? If numerologists are so sure about their “art and science”, why were they worried about their reputation ? That is surely inhuman and they are equally to blame for keeping mum about something they knew for sure. If I know something for a fact, I wouldn’t care too much about my reputation if it means saving hundreds of lives. Keeping quiet about such events is clearly irresponsible, dishonest and inhuman.

      I think the reason most numerologists only raise their voices after the event is because they themselves know that numerology is a sham. It cannot predict anything with any degree of certainty other than giving false hopes to people who have a lot to lose. If there was really some truth to it, I am sure we would have been able to avoid a lot of disasters and massacres and governments would have paid notice. To me fields like numerology and astrology are totally baseless and unscientific. They are dishonest areas or study as they take advantage of the weak, the needy and the most vulnerable sections of society and gives false hopes to ignorant people which the practitioners are themselves never able to guarantee.

      So before I end, here is my challenge to anyone who claims that numerology is a science and can predict events accurately. Predict 10 events (even though 10 is not a statistically significant number but I will allow it) in the next year or so with exact dates and exact locations using numerological calculations to substantiate the predictions and if you get at least 6 of them correct (since anyone can toss a coin and get close to 5 correct, so it needs to be better than a coin toss), I will issue a public apology and retract my messages on numerology (and may even get him/her more clients).

      I know that chances of this being taken up by any “professional” numerologist is slim because most of them know that numerology doesn’t work and are afraid of being exposed, which would seriously impair their chances of any future earnings. India is a free country and I cannot force people to stop paying for such hocus-pocus but until I am proven wrong, I will continue to write against it. Let the numerologists prove me wrong.

      • Leroy Gibson cohen permalink
        February 3, 2016 1:33 pm

        This was a brilliant read! I guess these guys should be stalked and challenged on their social media for all to know and realise their sham. Someone told me that this Jumaani guy is utterly rude to his “non-celebrity” clients. Just as he is an asslicker of his celeb flock! He insults, humiliates and bloçks them on his fb page if they ask or question the name spelling not working for them for which they paid thousands! (For some a couple of months salary). He uses the social media to cunningly promote and praise himself whereas ruthlessly trying to silence, block, delete the questions, complaints from people who bloody paid him! No “professional” service provider does that. I think we need to start a forum where people who have paid jumaani and others and have been conned should be able to voice and expose these thugs and taken to consumer forums. Also they should be in sued by Rationalists association for using the word “Science” loosely for superstition and myths thus trying to cheat vulnerable and ignorant people. I guess they should be exposed by very people they have conned and a forum for such people must be advertised on social media platforms. Lastly, there are not just “Muslim fundamentalist” this was an equally ignorant and biased statement. There are hindu and christain and sikh Fundamentalists who are equally dangerous. Just that media tends to focus on one lot for various reasons. Anyways this was a good blog and some excellent comments but would like to see more done about it than written.

  7. March 17, 2009 6:09 am

    want to know about my future which job will be suits me to make more money and respec in life and when me and my wife will go to abroad

  8. April 29, 2009 9:55 pm

    “I suggested that Kashmir should be spelled as Kashmier, and the Indian army is already using this spelling on their website”

    Haha very funny! a quick look at IA website gives this result: And of course the spelling is KASHMIR not Bollywood styled, numerology backed KAASHMIIRR!

    I wonder how we can stop these Morons spoiling our generation.

    • nitwitnastik permalink*
      April 29, 2009 10:05 pm

      Raj, welcome to my blog.

      ” wonder how we can stop these Morons spoiling our generation.”

      I think the only way to stop them (although I am not sure if we can do that ever) is to expose their claims for what they are – quackery.

      • balasubs permalink
        November 15, 2016 6:11 am

        how did our names or indian or hindu names arise??what are there meaning?? body by itself doesnot hv a name how is that we give names to anbody??
        in any religion there is only one to nine?? why not more??
        please enlighten??

  9. September 10, 2012 10:26 am

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

  10. April 9, 2013 7:45 pm

    Hi there to every one, since I am truly keen of reading this webpage’s post to be updated regularly. It carries good material.

  11. Sujata permalink
    June 19, 2014 4:28 am

    Fantastic article… I Numerology is something that people should not believe. Specially bollywood persons.. Why numerologists cannot confirm that who is going to win IPL or world cup in advance & that too with full confidence?

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